Update: our lab is full for Fall 2022, but let us know if you’re interested in work for spring or summer 2023!

Welcome back to campus! Our lab has room for a couple of undergraduates to work in the lab this semester for independent study credits or pay. We are especially interested in sophomores who are looking for a longer term research experience.

Here are some examples of the types of projects we have available for undergraduates:

Soil formation study: use mineral components to grow an artificial soil, to study how soil organic matter is formed. Duties include measuring weekly CO2 emissions from model soils, and feeding and watering weekly.

Plant-growth promoting rhizobacteria study: screen model and new candidate PGPR for growth promotion and lifestyle when grown with Brachypodium distachyon. Duties include microbiology culturing, microscopy, and plant growth.

Climate change effects on soil anaerobic metabolism: grow consortia and isolates of microbes under iron reducing and denitrifying conditions to understand whether climate stress selects for more dependence on alternate metabolism. Duties include microbial culturing, genotyping, high-throughput sequencing.

Computational study: using prior sequence data, curate metagenome-assembled genomes for comparative analysis of the effects of climate warming on soil microbes. Duties include using cloud computing, linux, and R programming languages.

Contact Kristen DeAngelis (deangelis@microbio.umass.edu) for more details! Or, send your resume and a brief cover letter to directly apply.

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