The DeAngelis Lab represents 500WS and demands climate action now!

Many members of our group turned out for the International Climate Strike. We talked about the science of climate change, and shepherded over 60 postcards from concerned local citizens to their elected representatives!

On Friday, September 20, 2019, the Global Climate Strike precipitated a coalition of many organizations in Western Massachusetts all committed to addressing the climate crisis. Our pod set up a table at the strike and collected over 60 hand-written postcards with messages addressed to our local elected representatives to act on climate.

The mission of the 500 Women Scientists is to serve society by working to make science open, inclusive and accessible. We recognize that science touches the lives of every person on this planet. And right now the science in unequivocal. Fossil fuel emissions have already caused 1oC of global warming, and CO2 emissions are accelerating today. If we do nothing, the Earth will warm by 4oC by the end of this century, an outcome that would be devastating for humanity. We are in the middle of the sixth biological extinction, but limiting warming to well below 2oC will reduce species loss of insects, plants and animals. Warming also threatens the world’s soils, which can lose a third of their stored carbon with 5oC of warming. Healthy soils store carbon to support our food, fiber and fuel.

So what can YOU do? First, talk about the climate crisis. Ask questions. It’s OK to feel angry or upset, but it is important to engage with your family and friends about the science behind our emerging climate crisis. Second, vote! Get involved in government at every level, help register people to vote, and write to your elected officials to urge them to make evidence-based policy decisions. Third and finally, work for equality and stand up to discrimination and aggression. Climate justice is social justice.

Our children are just becoming aware of the magnitude of this climate emergency. That is why we stand up with the youth to work towards a future with biodiverse ecosystems, a stable climate, sustainable food and energy, and justice for all people. 

Lead by the Extinction Rebellion Western Mass and the Sunrise Movement UMass Amherst, the Amherst Pod of 500 Women Scientists striked in solidarity with Western Mass Science for the People, UMass Climateers, Massachusetts Society of Professors, Professional Staff Union, UMass Democrats, Students for a Free Tibet, UMass Outing Club, Paperbark Literary Magazine, The Enviro Show, The Wendell State Forest Alliance, Green-Rainbow Party Pioneer Valley Chapter, Western Mass Labor Action, the Center for Education Policy & Advocacy, Our Revolution UMass Amherst, Students for Justice in Palestine, Prison Abolition Collective, First Generation Low Income Student Partnership, UMass Young Democratic Socialists of America, The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice,  Climate Action Now MA, and Western Mass Committee for Democracy in Brazil.

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