Gina Chaput wins EMSL User Award!

Kristen DeAngelis and Ph.D. candidate, Gina Chaput, have received an in-kind award from the DOE Environmental Molecular Science Laboratories. Entitled “Iron Chelator-Mediated Biotransformation of Lignin by Novel sp., Tolumonas lignolytica BRL6-1, in Anoxic Conditions,” this award has the estimated value equal to $59,236.00 and will provide equipment and analyses for Gina’s dissertation. Gina is currently studying how the bacteria Tolumonas lignolytica BRL6-1 modifies plant material known as lignin under conditions that lack oxygen. These analyses will allow her to look at compounds produced by BRL6-1 specifically in response to lignin as well as detect changes to the lignin structure over time.

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